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Work Well. Play More!® Courses

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Hey there – that’s me. I’m a person who climbed the corporate ladder while traveling the world, a keynote speaker, a best-selling author, and a productivity & health coach to individuals and teams across the globe.

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Give them study hall with Focus90 so they can get work done before the bell rings.

Hacking your habits can be simpler than it seems…

You’ve probably heard someone say you need 21 days to “change a habit.” Maybe, but not always. Could take more, could take less – depends on the complexity and resilience of the behavior you want to change… and how you choose to accomplish it.

Strengthen your business.
Climb the corporate ladder.
Inspire your team to greatness.
One habit at a time.

The Work Well. Play More! course includes over 500 behavioral hacks and shifts designed to help professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs feel and act their best in the office, on the road, and at play.

Each module covers productivity and health fundamentals with practical, no-BS advice on how to line up and slam-dunk your priorities in a specific sphere of life.

Our Courses

Energy Escalators

Get the foundation to stop using counterfeit energy to get through your day, find movement opportunities, incorporate stress-relieving techniques that don’t require sitting on a mountain top and creative ways to transition from work to home.

Email Extinguisher

Most people react instead of process their inbox. Take charge of your email and create the systems and behaviors to own your inbox, rather than it owning you, and make a giant leap to being more efficient.

Task Mastery

We have endless to-do lists at work and home. Focus on how to prioritize, say no when needed and ways to outsource personally and professionally according to your job and finances.

Conquer the Calendar

If your schedule is full of meetings and you refer to yourself as busy all the time, this is for you. Learn the techniques to take back control of your agenda and work in your line of genius.

It can also be a challenging struggle.

Lots of people seek out a never-ending train of shiny tools and tricks (and feel disappointed when they flop). It takes more than gimmicks to successfully modify behaviors – you need to understand how they affect and even create your lifestyle to effect genuine change.

Oh and there’s bonus stuff when you buy the entire course!

The Ultimate Gmail Settings for Maximum Efficiency!

Gmail and G Suite clients will learn the simple settings and programs they are missing to make their Gmail more streamlined.

High Octane Tips for Business Travelers

If you travel for business, this is a must! Marcey discusses her top secrets from her book, Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior Survival Guide, about how to stay healthy and productive on the road.
Easy No-Sweat Movement Opportunities
Can’t think creatively about how to incorporate movement opportunities into your day? Print out this .pdf and put it by your desk, on your fridge, in your bathroom, and in your car. All places you can do movement opportunities!

Top Apps and Programs to Simplify Your Life!

Not sure which app is right for you? Marcey’s listed her Top Apps right here to save you the time and research.


What Clients are Saying

“Marcey is amazing! Her courses are practical and extremely useful. My calendar strategy and email processing have gone to a whole new level.”

Paulo Simoes

Video Production & Marketing Expert

“Marcey Rader’s Work Well. Play More!® Health and Productivity for High Achievers online course is amazing! After viewing the modules and taking action, I have more energy, less stress and an email box that is organized and manageable. I highly recommend this course. It offers real world solutions that help you improve your productivity and focus on your unique line of genius.”

Darleen Ghirardi

Procurement Executive

“I just practiced my first 4-6-8 breath and it worked like magic. I am enjoying the Energy Escalators sessions. This came just in time”

Jerome J. Sanders

Digital Marketer

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