Task Mastery

Techniques to simplify and get it done!

When was the last time you saw the end of a to-do list at work or home? For way too many people, the answer’s “wait, those can actually end??” Yep! And if you focus on prioritizing effectively, learn to say no when needed, and outsource optimally to keep the prize on your plate, you’ll be checking every box in no time.


Truth or Consequences

Time to get brutal…ly honest with yourself. How much can you expect to accomplish and what happens if you don’t? Are you wasting time on low-value tasks, procrastinating the Big Stuff, or rolling over unfinished items ad nauseam? If so, that stops right here, right now.

Outsource it!

You’ve heard the myth of the Lone Wolf entrepreneur, right? The Lone Wolf executive doesn’t exist either, try though many of us might. When you’re leading a business or team there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to manage everything. What tasks, personal or professional, should you be automating and outsourcing and how can you get the best people to support you? Where do you even go for virtual assistant services? It’s time to find out – to let someone else handle the little stuff and use your time to tackle high-value, high-priority tasks.

Task Management

What’s priority #1? How about 2 and 3? Use my Top 3 system to identify what’s truly important to you, right now, and get to it. A shifting list of Do It Nows plus the behavioral changes that let you tackle them consistently are going to change the way you look at your agenda (and just maybe clear it out a little).