Meetings in Motion

Length: 10 minutes

Even the best-planned boardroom meetings often feel like passive affairs. You just know everyone’s thinking about other things; waiting for it to be over. Motion makes meetings something to look forward to, instead – get your group together for a walk in the park (or just around the block) and watch the ideas and energy rain down from the skies (hopefully it’s not actually raining during your meeting – but if so, I’ve got a whole basket of other tricks to get minds and bodies movin’!).

Your Line of Genius

Length: 10 minutes

Everybody’s got one – or more. What’s yours? Identify your top talents (which may not be what you’re imagining right now!) and learn to integrate them more deeply into your routine. This alone will supercharge your personal productivity, transforming you into what others see as a Serious Business Superhuman (and you don’t even have to wear a costume. Although I suppose you could).

Task Batching

Length: 10 minutes

You’ve guessed by now, I’m sure, that I Heart Efficiency. You will, too, once you’ve mastered the art of task batching for maximum productivity. Save steps, save time, save resources, save yourself from the headache of a constant run-around that never lets you feel caught up. Efficiency. Heart it.

Meeting Mastery

Length: 22 minutes

Meetings kinda suck. Right? For every productive get-together, it feels like you have to suffer through twenty time-wasters. It doesn’t have to be this way – not if you take control of your schedule and planning to help everyone achieve more in less time.