Email Extinguisher

Inbox Processing for Productivity

Email used to be oh-so-convenient. Not so much anymore. I bet your inbox drives you bonkers (like most people) because it’s become an unconscious, time-munching routine: you get a message, you check it, and you reply (or say “I’ll get to this after lunch, and then forget all about it – oops).

That’s a reactive approach, and there’s a far better one: actively take charge of your emails and take back your time. Create systems, behaviors, and efficiencies that let you own your inbox (instead of it owning you).


Shrink Your Inbox

Time to get organized: use filters, acronyms, and other systems to cut through the clutter, get rid of unwanted junk, and prioritize the good stuff. Implement these 21 systems and behavioral hacks to feel like you’ve suddenly got 25 hours in each day (and do what you like with the extra one).

Organized emails

Master the basics of email communication, both inbound and outbound, to transform your inbox back into the super-convenient tool it once was. Say more with fewer words, establish routines and systems so your recipients know what – and when – to expect, and streamline the whole process from receipt to reply.

Email Processing

Action’s better than Reaction, especially with email. If you’re not careful those messages can wash over you like the incoming tide (I bet you know how that feels already – Inbox loves to soak sneakers). If you’re already there, this lesson will get your head back above water and if you’re not, inbox management tools can take you from treading frantically to swimming laps like an Olympian (Speedo optional).