Shhh....I'm in the Focus Zone.

Do you need a visible sign to let people know you’re Working Well so you can Play More? Show them with a Work Well. Play More! door hanger!


Are you in the Focus Zone?

Need a sign to hang from your door to let your family know you are working? Want to let your team see that you are concentrating and just need a little time without interruption? Train them with this door hanger that Marcey uses with her own family. Don’t have a door or physical barrier? Hang it from a hook on the back of your chair. We don’t discriminate against cubicles.

Now that I have a door hanger, how do I schedule time for focus?

Stop procrastinating and get in the Focus Zone with free, community-driven, Focus90 virtual work sessions with Marcey. 

Want door hangers for your entire team?

Contact the Happiness Specialist to inquire about bulk discounts!

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