• Conquer the Calendar

    4 Lessons
    Conquer the Calendar

    Work Smart. Gain Free Time. If your schedule is full of meetings and you refer to yourself as busy all the time, this is for you. Learn the techniques to take back control of your agenda and work in your line of genius.

  • Task Mastery

    3 Lessons
    Task Masatery

    Techniques to Simplify and Get it Done! We have endless to-do lists at work and home. Focus on how to prioritize, say no when needed, and ways to outsource personally and professionally according to your job and finances.

  • Email Extinguisher

    5 Lessons
    Email Extinguisher

    Inbox Processing for Productivity Most people react instead of process their inbox. Take charge of your email and create the systems and behaviors to own your inbox, rather than it owning you, and make a giant leap to being more efficient.

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  • Energy Escalators

    5 Lessons
    Energy Escalator

    Health Behaviors for High Performance Real energy escalators don’t come in bottles, cans, or cups (but relax – you can’t take my coffee or tea ritual away from me either unless you wanna fight.) They’re behaviors and thought patterns that actively manifest your vision. Sound a little abstract? Then let’s say it this way: with […]