Energy Escalators

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Health Behaviors for High Performance

Real energy escalators don’t come in bottles, cans, or cups (but relax – you can’t take my coffee or tea ritual away from me either unless you wanna fight.)

They’re behaviors and thought patterns that actively manifest your vision. Sound a little abstract? Then let’s say it this way: with the right stress-relieving techniques, home-to-office transition strategies, and the drive to take advantage of every opportunity to liven up your day with movement and activity, you’ll tap reservoirs of creativity and energy you never knew you possessed – and let your main battery recharge as you take specific action in establishing energy-positive behaviors that help you feel your best as you accomplish more every day (you know: Work Well. Play More!).


Eating for Energy

Length: 37 minutes

I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, but that doesn’t mean beans (pun absolutely intended) when it comes to real-world action: behaviors and strategies that manifest your knowledge. I travel extensively for business and know how easy it can be, even without travel, to grab an energy bar, a frou-frou coffee drink, and just keep on truckin’. But! Relying on that kind of counterfeit energy does you more harm than good. Happily, hopping on board the Good Nutrition Train’s simpler than it seems, and can even save you time. No kidding.

Movement Opportunities

Length: 26 minutes

“Exercise? Who’s got time for that? I can’t stink up the whole office or ruin my outfit, Marcey.” Sure, I get it. That’s why Movement Opportunities – tiny behavioral shifts triggered by everyday events – are so important, especially for the desk-bound. A few minutes a few times a day (no sweating involved!) can make a massive impact on how you feel, spike your creativity levels, and tap inner productivity you didn’t even know you had. Plus, you’ll start to sharpen your mind (and tone that butt while you’re at it, without hitting the gym).

Rest and Restore

Length: 30 minutes

Everyone knows burnout is real – but it feels tough to avoid in the good ol’ go-faster business environment. Good news is, shifts in your sleep cycle, work habits, and mental up-time can virtually eliminate it and enable you to progress further, faster, now. Without feeling like a zombie or relegating much-needed R&R time to that too-far-off vacation.

Stress Relievers

Length: 29 minutes

Exactly like it sounds, only better: I’m not just going to teach you to count to 10 and breathe. You’re going to learn some of the best, field-tested, actually-works-for-once stress-busting strategies you can use at home, in the office, or on the road to calm your mind so you can focus (or not!) on what’s truly important to you.


Length: 17 minutes

Ever struggled to turn the office off for dinner, or kick yourself into Hi-Ho-Let’s-Go gear in the morning? Haven’t we all? But not anymore, because the transitional techniques you’re about to learn will help you transform your mental space on demand, as life demands.