What if your whole team went from working on their Busyness to working on the business?

Accomplish more in less time. Feel happier and healthier.

Work Well. Play More!

Enthusiastic employees who feel like they’re accomplishing their own goals in supporting yours can transform a stale, same-old department into a vibrant, exciting place to work and a powerhouse fountain of ideas that strengthens your entire company.

You can easily work this course into your HR regimen, use its modules to supplement internal workshops and presentations, or give any department a fast boost in staff wellbeing and productivity.

And I’ll help you. If you like, I can report to you on participants’ progress (without disclosing any of the personal info they share as part of the program’s exercises and quizzes) and even check in with them individually to help them master the material.

With direction to follow and goals to achieve, your people progress at their own pace and take measurable, practical actions to improve their performance and their health by making positive and lasting change in their personal and professional habits.

How can I help your team shine from every angle?

Choose the modules and bonuses that best reflect the energy upgrades you’d like to share with your team and don’t hesitate for one second to reach out if you’ve got questions for me.

Plus, if you’re planning a workshop or other event, I’d be happy to motivate your employees as a speaker or host .


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Check out the course content

Systems, tools, behaviors, and more that’ll pump up your team and position them for a positive, productive future.

Energy Escalators

Shape habits that make a high-performance lifestyle easy – and fun – to achieve and sustain.



  • Eating for Energy
  • Movement Opportunities
  • Rest and Restore
  • Transitions

Email Extinguisher

Develop the systems and techniques needed to keep email convenient (and stop it from tossing wrenches in your daily gears).



  • Shrink Your Inbox
  • Email Processing
  • Organized Emails

Task Mastery

Create a simplified agenda to accomplish more and devise strategies for delegating non-essential tasks: free up time and focus.



  • Truth or Consequences
  • Task Management
  • Outsource it
  • Transitions

Conquer the Calendar

Work on your business instead of your busyness and get more done without straining mind or body. Align your time with your goals and feel good making progress each day.



  • Meeting Mastery
  • Task Batching
  • Your Line of Genius
  • Meetings in Motion

Ohh .. and there's bonus stuff

Marcey’s Productivity Suite

Do and BE what you know you can.

The Ultimate Gmail Settings for Maximum Efficiency!

Gmail and G Suite clients will learn the simple settings and programs they are missing to make their Gmail more streamlined.

High Octane Tips for Business Travelers

If you travel for business, this is a must! Marcey discusses her top secrets from her book, Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior Survival Guide, about how to stay healthy and productive on the road.

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