Marcey’s Productivity Suite

Do and BE what you know you can.

It’s easy to put yourself on the back burner at work, at home, and especially on the road: “hey, I’ll focus on me once I arrive or get settled in. Once we move. Once the kids are off to school. After the game. After Friday’s meeting. Next month. Next year.”

Once that becomes a habit (and if it isn’t already it’ll creep up on you silently) – you’re living a high-intensity lifestyle you won’t be able to sustain forever… and you won’t notice until you’re burnt out, tired, and crankier than Old Man Jenkins in Accounting… what’s with that guy, anyway?).

What if you could increase personal productivity without sacrificing family, fun, or fitness to reach it?

You can.

(Get the entire bonus package – $45)

Or choose the module that matches your job, lifestyle, and goals:

#1 The Ultimate Gmail Settings for Maximum Efficiency!

Discover the settings, programs, routines, and systems advanced G-Suite and Gmail users apply to squeeze every drop of utility from this powerful software (it’s even more awesome than most people know).

#2 High Octane Tips for Business Travelers

A high-travel lifestyle can take a real toll on mind and body. But from one Road Warrior to another, it doesn’t have to be that way – stay healthy and productive on the road with these tips from my best-selling book.

#3 Easy No-Sweat Movement Opportunities

You don’t have to hit the gym to work a little movement into your day (and stimulate your brain in doing so). A few quick behavioral shifts can make all the difference in keeping your mind and body ready to rock, all day long (and you won’t even break a sweat before those clients come in).

#4 Top Apps and Programs to Simplify Your Life!

“There’s an app for that.” Yeah, there are probably dozens. Which are the best, and how do they help you sustain higher productivity with greater peace of mind? Figuring that out costs time and money – or you could try my top picks (they rock, I promise).

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