Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Not you.
Because you’re about to learn exactly what you need to know to finally take charge of your time – your life – and create your happiest, healthiest self.


I’m Marcey Rader.

If you’re super-lucky and things always seem to just fall into place for you, then write me and tell me how you do it. Please.

But if you’re a high achiever struggling to make all those pieces fit; if you’re climbing the corporate ladder or building your own business and want to feel proud looking back on your legacy of accomplishment, , then you’re in the right place.

Cause I’m not just here to cuddle you and say “good job.” I won’t put you through the wringer – at least not entirely – but true success, however you choose to define it, always requires a bit of both.

And I’m not gonna lie – I struggled for years with a high-travel, high-intensity corporate lifestyle. It’s not easy. But as my salary grew and my time shrunk, my happiness and health burned down to critical levels. I triggered an autoimmune disease. It was not what I had planned.

So I refocused everything: there was no way I was going to compromise success or productivity (they make me all warm and fuzzy inside), but I wasn’t going to sacrifice my health or happiness to nail it. Not for one more day. You shouldn’t, either… stop that. Start this.

And here’s my story…

You pick up a few things over 15 years in various high-level corporate roles. You figure out how to make the best use of your personal and professional time, you learn what’s really important to you in life, and you discover how to balance those scales for your own Maximum Happy Ratio.

And if you’re travelling all around the world, you invent (or shamelessly adopt) a whole bunch of travel hacks to make your trips smoother, saner, and more productive.

So I changed my own life and turned what I’d learned into A-level presentations. Top-tier coaching services. Two books (one a bestseller!). And – of course – this digital course.

Professional Credentials

So yeah… that’s me.

But you’re probably here to choose whether you believe I’ve created The One Course – the one that’ll help recharge your motivation, inspiration, and give you the GO GET ‘EM DANGIT energy you need to transform your days from slogs into successes so you can enjoy your weekends without dreading the menace of Monday. Forevermore.


You bet. And it’s just about time to hit the stage.

Help me train my whole team to Work Well. Play More!
Marcey Rader’s Work Well. Play More!® Health and Productivity for High Achievers online course is amazing! After viewing the modules and taking action, I have more energy, less stress and an email box that is organized and manageable. I highly recommend this course. It offers real world solutions that help you improve your productivity and focus on your unique line of genius. Darleen Ghirardi

Procurement Executive